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Árpád Parkolóház, Gyor, Hungary

Charging station for electric vehicles in Gyor, Hungary

44 Árpád út 9022

7 x 22 kW AC, 2 x 50 kW DC. A töltést a Parkl applikációval lehet indítani. AC töltés 90 Ft/kWh, DC töltés 119 Ft/kWh. P4 szint. Parkolási díj: 200 ft / óra. 7 x 22 kW AC, 2 x 50 kW DC. Chargers can be used with Parkl application. Charging fee: AC 90 Ft/kWh, DC 119 Ft/kWh. P4 floor. Parking fee is 200 ft / hour.

Charge Price
90 HUF/kWh

Connected to Electromaps

22 kw
Works with the Electropass

50 kw
Works with the Electropass

50 kw
Works with the Electropass

EV Charging Station in Gyor

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