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Sunway Velocity Mall – Shell Recharge, Kuala Lumpur

Charging station for electric vehicles in Kuala Lumpur

90 Jalan Cheras 55100

Location: Carpark Level B1, Pillar B12 Directions: Enter Sunway Velocity through Entry D from Jalan Peel. Follow the road, and you will see the 2 bays on your right. Note: if you enter from any other entrance, please make sure to head to B1, then look for the Car Park Office. The bays are next to the office.

This is Shell Recharge parking. Bays are available for reservations through ParkEasy app (https://www.parkeasy.co/).

Charge Price
Refer to ParkEasy App

Connected to Electromaps

3.7 kw
Works with the Electropass

EV Charging Station in Kuala Lumpur

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